Twilight time is burglary time

Twilight time is burglary time UK

When the evening comes and it gets dark, the time for a cosy evening in begins, but attention, the high season for burglars begins at the same time!

Just like the moths, the burglars shy away from the light, and choose the twilight for their “job”; the crime rate increases by almost 50% during the night, especially in the autumn and winter months when an increase in burglaries is recorded

When burglars strike

The burglars often break in during the night, as people probably know, they also prefer the dusk, because you cannot be seen so well the… the sun sets; maybe a grey rain surrounds the scenery in a fine drizzle and causes bad visibility.

The preferred break-in time is, according to statistics, between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm during weekdays rather than on the weekends, then, the family is out of the premises.

An example from real life:

In a small town along the countryside, for example, during gymnastics event, last winter at 17.30 hours the buglers have broken into all the houses where the parents were accompanying their children to this celebration. There were of course perpetrators at work who had spied thoroughly. They were never caught, the burglars prepared well for the “job”.

Often you are powerless against such professionals, but there are some important security steps that you can follow, which makes it difficult or impossible for a burglary to occur and the offender will throw in the towel.

Tips for a burglar-proof household

By following these simple tips, you can make sure your home is safe. Remember - offenders choose the easiest way, why bother, if it's easy:

Tip 1

Make sure you have watch lights in your rooms. Motion detectors, timers, etc. bring brightness into the dark. Likewise, shutters can be now programmed to close or open. You need to give the impression that you are at home and that the house is inhabited and not empty.

Tip 2

Neighbourhood assistance - make sure you have a good relationship with your neighbours. If you maintain a good relationship with your neighbors, they will be happy to take care of your home when you are away. They see who is approaching the house and can react immediately if something seems suspicious. During the holiday season, you empty your mailbox, water your flowers, etc. Of course, you have to offer the same services to your neighbours. Cohesion and team spirit deter offenders, they will immediately notice when someone takes care of the property or is mindful.

Tip 3

Do not leave your house/apartment look completely uninhabited. Ask someone to pick up the correspondence and to check the mailbox daily while you are away, to put out the garbage bins on time, and get them back to their usual place.

Tip 4In your absence always close the windows, terraces and balcony doors and obstruct if possible block them from the inside. Choose extra protection if possible; add an extra lock to your door.

Tip 5

Do not leave any notes like "we've just left, will come back in 2 hours" near the post box or on the front door; tell only trusted people that you will spend an evening at a concert or that you plan to travel. The enemy listens and reacts faster than you think!

Tip 6

Do not leave any ladders, tools etc. in the garden. Without knowing, you could easily help the burglars break into your home.

Tip 7

Equip your doors and windows with high-quality locks and lock cylinders, do not save in the wrong place.

Keep your valuables safe!

In addition, Rottner Security recommends that you store all your valuables, such as cash, jewellery and your documents, in a vault. We can advise you on safety levels, burglary and fire protection, inform you about the various models, sizes and locks. A safe belongs in every house to help protect important things!

A safe is the best personal protection and a friendly neighbourhood assures that your valuables and your home are safe at all times. Even in the twilight time, even while you are on vacation.