Large companies can no longer get by with one or more safes and therefore need their own room, the so-called security room, to protect your documents and valuables. Of course, archives or valuable collections must also be protected as best as possible and dangerous substances (which are used in medicine or chemistry, for example) must be kept safe.

A secure safe door is, of course, incessant as an entrance to your security room. The secure Vault doors from Rottner Security are available in different sizes and designs.

Our trained staff will be happy to answer your questions about vault doors and, if you wish, also inform you about other types of the vault in our extensive range.

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  • For installation in a wall
  • Protection for valuables, weapons and much more.
  • For private & commercial use

Observe installation instructions

Vault doors  Vault doors are the protectors of the most important objects and are used to lock the vault, archive or security rooms. Whether you use your vault as an archive or for valuables, cash, ammunition or weapon storage - with us you will find the matching vault door with special burglary protection in various security levels. Rottner-Security stands for quality and excellent protection. With a vault door from Rottner-Security, you are opting for a competent security solution!

You can choose from four types of lock. (Not for every type of safe)

 Double bitted key lock

A simple solution, simply unlocks - that's it! A spare key is included. You do not need to remember any numbers, but unfortunately, you can lose the keys.

 Mechanical combination lock

The mechanical combination lock is often used. Electricity or battery is not necessary, the key cannot be lost. Your memory is required! You must remember the secret numbers/code.

 Electronic lock

An electronic lock is a popular option. It works by means of a battery. The battery change is not difficult, or in case of battery failure, the electronic lock can be re-energized. The lock can thus be opened in any case. The code can be changed as often as you like.

Tips for buying a safe door

Think about::

  • the purpose
  • installation site
  • which valuables / data / documents should be stored/li>
  • which lock you prefer etc..
  • also have a conversation with your insurance advisor.

Although the flood of paper is contained - numerous folders remain, or existing paper documents are not all digitized automatically. You just want to have some things on hand and not just see them on the screen.
These valuable documents should be protected against water, fire and theft. Find your safe and reliable safe in various security levels at Rottner-Security, e.g. double-walled and fireproof.

Of course, our trained staff will be happy to help and advise you if you have any questions about our security products