Gun Cabinets

Weapons must never fall into the wrong hands!

The Rottner gun safes can usually hold 5 to 10 long shotguns. The VDMA B tested Waidmann range with its 8 different sizes can hold up to 18 guns. Some sizes are also available on order, with a longer lead time.

For better protection, we also offer burglar-proof and certified weapon safes. These safes are certified and tested for burglary resistance according to European Standardization ECBS-S. (EN14450 or EN 1143-1 standard)

Please contact us for stock inquiries. Gun safes, as required by law, also have an internal lockable safe for separate storage of ammunition. Newest addition to the Rottner Gun Cabinets range is the UK tested Guardian gun safe, to hold 3 shotguns, and with double EN 1300 class A key lock.


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What is a gun cabinet?

This form of cabinet is specifically designed for the upright storage of long guns such as: rifles and shotguns. Decisive in the choice of weapons cabinet is, depending on need, the security level, the number of weapons and the lock type.


Rifle definition

UK law defines a "rifle" as a rifled firearm with a barrel longer than 30 cm (12 in), and a total length longer than 60 cm (24 in) that does not fall under the classification of long-barreled revolver or pistol. Single-shot, bolt-action, Martini-action, lever-action (also called under-lever action) and revolver rifles and carbines are permitted, with certificate, in any caliber. Self-loading (also known as semi-automatic) or pump-action rifles are only permitted in .22 rim fire caliber.

In the United Kingdom, access by the general public to firearms is tightly controlled by law which is much more restrictive than the minimum rules required by the European Firearms Directive, but it is less restrictive in Northern Ireland.

The gun cabinet is a sturdy steel security container designed to hold ammunition and firearms.

Please note that responsible and appropriate handling of rifles, handguns and ammunition always comes first.

Furthermore, rifle cabinets / safes have various sizes and different security levels.


Security levels

Weapon cabinets. Cabinets which may be considered to be suitable for the security of firearms, shotguns and ammunition should be expected to provide the resistance equal to:

 a) a cabinet manufactured and fitted as certified to comply with BS7558:1992; or

 b) a cabinet fabricated to the following:

I) Sheet steel body of not less than 2mm (14swg), formed by either folding, continuous welding or a combination of these methods;

When fabricating the body, the door case should be constructed to provide a continuous rest plate the length of the opening edge to prevent attack on the lockbolts by inserting a hacksaw blade;

The door frame may be formed by return bending of the body steel or the provision of a bar or angle frame, welded to the carcass with sufficient relief to the edges to provide for door locking and hanging. The frame should be designed so that the door, when closed, can resist attempts to force it inwards;

Doors should be formed from the same material with either bent, folded or post formed edges, or the provision of a bracing frame of bar or angled steel, or ribs welded to the inside of the door to prevent the flexing or bending of the door when closed;

II) Doors hung on :

Hinges internally fitted;

Hinges externally fitted, with either hinge bolts, anti-bar plates or interlocking formed door edge, along the hanging side of the door;

Swivel bars or rods with return fold anti-bar plate. The frame should be fabricated to prevent, so far as possible, the insertion of tools to cut the pins; or

For slot in type doors, not less than 2 steel pins of 12mm dia or full width welded steel foot plate not less than door thickness.

III) Secured by:

Locks to BS3621 or 7 lever safe locks with not less than 38mm x 9mm cross section steel bolts; or

Locks in the approved list under HELA Tech Doc 26/5; or

Padlocks not less than CEN 4. Close shackle padlocks should be selected on open ring or plate staples. Locks specified above, with the exception of padlocks, should be mounted on steel brackets or pockets, providing strength equal to that of the door and welded to the door

 Hinged full-length doors for rifles/shotguns should be fitted with two locking devices fitted at points to divide the locking edge into equal parts. Alternatively, the door may have a driven bolt/multi-point locking system, either key or lever operated, providing:

  1. three bolts operating equally along the opening edge or opening edge, top and bottom;     
  2. the bolts to provide resistance equal to that in BS3621;
  3. a lever driven system to be secured by a lock to BS3621 or equivalent  On slide-in, fully braced doors, the number and location of the lock(s) will be determined by the degree of absence of flexing in the door.

 Padlocks should have steel staples, hasp/staple, or pad bars fabricated to equate to the protective strength of the lock.

 Provision of at least 4 fixing holes to take not less than 10mm diameter fastening devices. The holes to be spaced to provide maximum binding of cabinet to structure.

 When ammunition or firing mechanisms are to be kept separately from the firearms, a smaller cabinet of similar construction or a separately lockable container, either as an extension of the cabinet, or internally fabricated, can be manufactured.


Owning weapons in the UK

You need a firearms certificate issued by the police to possess, buy or acquire a firearm or shotgun. You must also have a certificate to buy ammunition. It is illegal for anyone aged under 18 to purchase an imitation firearm and for anyone to sell an imitation firearm to someone aged under 18.

Lock types

With which lock are the weapons best kept?

The question regarding the optimal lock can only be answered individually. The following overview of the different lock types gives general information.

There are three lock options available:

• The double-bitted/ cylinder key lock - this is the easiest way to secure the weapon safe - you cannot forget any codes! Two keys are supplied with the lock - please note that the keys must be stored in such a way that they are protected against unauthorized access. Insurance companies recommend the mechanical combination or electronic lock.

• The mechanical combination lock works without power supply and without battery. Any change of the secret numbers can be made at any time (only the code owner can make the code change possible!). The safe owner does not need a key and has no risk of loss.

• The electronic lock: this is the most attractive option. The electronic lock is a comfortable way to secure the weapon cabinet or safe. It should be noted here that the lock works with batteries and these changing occasionally. If the battery fails, the lock can be supplied with power from the outside. The secret number combination can be changed as often as you like.


Tip: weigh the pros and cons of the 3 different locks


Which rifle cabinet is right for me?

First and foremost, it depends on how many rifles you want to keep in it. The rifle cabinets differ considerably in size and volume. Also pay attention to the internal dimensions when tuning your weapons.

Take our advice; we are happy to help, so that you can find the optimal weapon safe.

Also the equipment of the weapon cabinets is exactly adapted to your needs. An excerpt from our accessories:

Foam weapon holder for long weapons:

To ensure a vertical storage

Lockable compartments or interior safe:

For the common storage of ammunition and weapons

Safe light:

Rottner SensorLight makes the search enormously easier: for optimal illumination of the weapon cabinet we recommend the installation of a safe with motion sensor. Rottner SensorLight is battery powered (4 AAA batteries) and can be easily attached with the supplied magnet.


This is how you keep mold, rust or unpleasant odors out of the way. The moisture is absorbed and so the excess found in the air disappears. The Multi Dry by Rottner stores moisture in the active granules of the bag, which can absorb up to 600 g of water and is odorless. It can be dried in the oven (not in the microwave) or on a heater and can be used again.

Tip: Of course, our trained staff will be happy to help and advise you if you have questions about our security products and our offers.


Where is the ideal bolt down location of the gun cabinet?

Once you have decided on a gun cabinet, the question arises, where is the ideal place to install it...

It is important that no one, and especially none of your family members, especially children, come in contact with the dangerous weapons. Weapon safes should always be set out of sight and reach of children.

The owner must ensure that only he or other authorized person have access to the weapons and the gun cabinet. Do not forget: Always keep the weapons unloaded!

A weapon safe should be set up so that a burglar has to overcome additional backups in advance.

The guidelines of the weapons law usually refer to the private living area; in uninhabited spaces such as hunting lodges, other establishments like sport clubs should be clarified in advance with the competent authority - important here is also the assessment of the insurance company.

Tip: Gun Cabinets must always be placed out of sight and reach of children.


Test institutes of our security products

Testing institutes that certify our safes in terms of their resistance:

ECB-S (European Certification Body) in Frankfurt

VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, based in Cologne.

• The VSÖ (Association of Security Companies of Austria) based in Vienna.

These independent institutes conduct extensive testing to determine the appropriate levels of protection and security levels. How these procedures are carried out is specified in the European standards 1143 and 14450 (formerly VDMA 24992).


Well-known manufacturers / suppliers of weapon cabinets

Rottner Security is dealing only Rottner and Homedesign weapon cabinets

Other well-known safe providers:

Burg Wächter, Hartmann Tresore, Eisenbach.


Other information

All our prices include VAT and include shipping costs to UK mainland.

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