Payment methods

From the following overview, you can choose how you would like to pay for your security product.

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Klarna Purchase

You select your product from our online shop, receive the goods along with the invoice, and make the payment to Klarna.

The invoice is generated upon delivery. 14 days are provided for payment from the invoice date.

Your contact for customer inquiries remains

Details or answers to any open questions can be found in Klarna's service area.

Klarna Instalment Purchase

If you prefer to decide in which instalments you want to pay for your order each month, Klarna instalment payment makes it easy. You can pay your invoice at your own pace. Details or answers to any open questions can be found in Klarna's service area. Spread the cost of your purchase into 3 interest-free instalments. The first payment is made at point of purchase, with remaining instalments scheduled automatically every 30 days.*

Klarna Instant Transfer

With the payment method Klarna Instant Transfer (certified data protection and transaction security), you use your own online banking data. Absolutely secure with PIN and TAN – the data is never visible to merchants or third parties. These details are only visible to Klarna employees. Once the payment is successful, you will be redirected to

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Paying with Credit Card or Debit Card

We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards. Orders are dispatched immediately when using this payment method. You can place your order using our shopping cart or your can telephone and speak to one of our sales advisors. When paying with your credit card, provide your name, credit card number along with the expiration date, and the three-digit security code located on the back. Your credit card account will be charged upon completing the order. Please ensure compliance with your credit limit.

*The 3-D Secure protocol was developed by VISA® and MasterCard® and is the de facto standard for the secure processing of card transactions over a public network such as the internet. The protocol is the basis of a payment service that runs across three network domains and was developed to enhance and validate payment transactions. 3-D Secure is essentially an authentication technology that uses encryption via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a Merchant Server Plug-in (MSP). During the online purchase, the cardholder is authenticated, and the card details are encrypted and transmitted over the internet. Payment authentication enables secure transmission of confidential data to the participants involved in the payment transaction model (issuing bank, cardholder, merchant, and acquiring bank). This enhanced security protects both the buyer and the seller. If your card is not 3D-Secure, the payment will continue in the normal course of credit card payment.

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Paying via PayPal

To send money to another participant using PayPal, there are several deposit options:

  1. You can send money directly from your PayPal balance. The PayPal account can be topped up, for example, via a regular bank transfer using a specific deposit code. The code provided by PayPal, specific to your account, must be entered in the "Purpose of transfer" field of the transfer. The top-up via bank transfer usually takes about three days, but sometimes it may take longer.
  2. You can use your credit card for payment. In this case, the money does not need to be deposited into the PayPal account but is credited to the recipient immediately.

If PayPal successfully debits the amount from the payer's bank account, the credit is applied to the recipient's PayPal account upon receipt of payment. Payments via transfer, bypassing the top-up process, are also possible. Here, a transaction-specific code is provided. If the transaction-specific code is entered in the "Purpose of transfer" field of the transfer, the credit is applied to the recipient's PayPal account upon receipt of the transfer.

Bank Transfer / Prepayment

Once you have completed your order via our online shopping cart you will receive and "order confirmation e-mail", this will contain details of the total amount and list our bank details so that you can make the payment for your goods. If ordering by telephone, we will e-mail/post a Pro Forma Invoice which will give all the details of your transaction. Your order is dispatched once your funds have cleared. Please ensure you use the "order number" as reference when you make you payment to

Our Bank details are:

IBAN: GB76 BARC 2045 7703 3458 82
Sort code: 20-45-77
Account number: 03345882

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