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Small or medium size home safes with £1000 - £2000 cash rating, suitable for home use, to store small amounts of cash, jewelry or valuables. Security safes for home use with electronic lock have an emergency key lock, usually supplied with 2 keys. Different models and sizes to suit any personal need or the requirements of a small business.

Order now your home safe at Rottner Security and make your home a bit safer.

Hotel safes can also be ordered same locked, with programmable electronic user code, and cylinder locks with identical keys for every safe.

Laptop safes are a great solution for securing valuable information; they are designed to hold standard size laptops. The majority of our home safes are equipped with electronic lock but they also have a key lock in case of an emergency.


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What is a furniture safe / home safe?

The furniture safe can be placed within a piece of furniture – can be integrated in a chest with drawers, in a box, a desk, etc. Its special design makes this possible. The furniture safe becomes invisible and blends in the selected piece of furniture. It cannot simply be lifted and carried away, an ideal protection against burglars.


What is a furniture safe suitable for?

It is particularly suitable for smaller valuable items like jewels, coins, cash boxes - these can be comfortably accommodated in the furniture safe. Stop hiding your valuables under the mattress! At Rottner Security you will find a large assortment of furniture safes, in different sizes and security levels. The value for money is optimal. Also, please feel free to contact us if you need professional advice or any guidance.

You have little space? Then the installation in a piece of furniture is the right solution for you. Keep in mind that safety containers below 1000 kg must be anchored.


The installation of a home safe

You have chosen a suitable piece of furniture. The next step is actual installation.

Extra tip: Find a piece of furniture that is not immediately in everyone's view and is protected from temperature differences (moisture in the bathroom). Electronic locks fail if the humidity is high.

Also pay attention to the sustainability of the floorboards, even if the furniture safe should have a low weight.

Use only the supplied mounting hardware to secure the furniture safe. If you want to use your own mounting material, then consult your insurance adviser.


Professional assembly

Depending on the model, there can be of course differences in the assembly process. Use the enclosed material, inform yourself thoroughly by means of the operating and installation instructions. Very often, your furniture safe has half pre-drilled holes on the back wall, which must then be drilled through and facilitate installation. If in doubt, give us a call, one of our specialists / experts can advise you - that's what we're here for!

Security levels overview:

The higher the security level, the stronger your furniture safe is.

• Secure storage units without security rating / resistance grade

• "A" according to VDMA 24992, as of May 1995

• S1 according to EN 14450

• B according to VDMA 24992 as of May 1995

• Class EN 0 according to CSN EN1143-1 SZUCZ

• Class EN 1 according to CSN EN 1143-1 SZUCZ

• I according to EN 1143-1 Vds Class I ECB-S EN-1

• II according to EN 1143-1 Vds Class II ECB-S EN-2

• III according to EN 1143-1 Vds class III ECB-S EN-3, VSÖ EN-3

• IV according to EN 1143-1 Vds Class IV ECB-S EN-4, VSÖ EN-4

• V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V

• V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V KB

• Class EN 2

• Class EN 3

• Class EN 4

• class S1

• class S2

• VDMA 'B'

Extra tip: Have a conversation with your insurance advisor to clarify which cabinet is eligible for which amount.


What home safe suits you best?

One for all - this is the motto of the Three Musketeers. At Rottner Security we are known for delivering individual solutions and now we want to find the best furniture safe for the needs of our customers. Many years of experience and know-how have made us experts.

The right room, the best wardrobe, the right chest with drawers - we will find the right piece of furniture for your new security container.

What should your furniture safe protect against?

• Protection against fire and heat

• Protection against water

• Burglary

We are happy to advise you and offer you an individual solution.


Lock types

You can choose from four types of lock. (Not for every type of safe)

Double bitted key lock

A simple solution, simply unlock - that's it! A spare key is included. You do not need to remember any numbers, but unfortunately you can lose the keys.

Mechanical combination lock

The mechanical combination lock is often used. Electricity or battery is not necessary, key cannot be lost. Your memory is required! You must remember the secret numbers / code.

Electronic lock

The electronic lock is a popular option. It works by means of battery. The battery change is not difficult, or in case of battery failure, the electronic lock can be re-energized. The lock can thus be opened in any case. The code can be changed as often as you like.


Touch me! Open by finger pressure – can be considered the "lock of the future". 60 different fingerprints sets can be stored. Key loss? No longer an issue! Forgot the code? No longer an issue!


The choice between furniture safes and wall safes?

Perhaps you are currently facing a choice between furniture and wall safes. Find out more on our page WALL SAFES (put link)

Since the wall safe is walled in, this should be taken into account during the construction of your home. Later installation may be problems, a certain effort determined.

The installation of the furniture safe is possible at any time.


Other information

All our prices include VAT and include shipping costs to UK mainland.

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