Key Storage

We offer key storage options of different safety levels and of the best quality.

At Rottner Security you will find key cabinets to store up to 3360 keys, key locking or electronic, for everyday or emergency use, some with key fobs included.

We also stock several types of small concealable key keepers, for carers, cleaners to use when they need access into a home.


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  • Rottner Keycabinet S300 EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S200 EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Key Fobs Quer Black
  • Rottner Key Fobs Quer Red
  • Rottner Key Fobs Quer Green
  • Rottner Key Cabinet Key Collect 10
  • Rottner Keycabinet S100 EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S100 Key Lock
  • Rottner Keysafe ST 200 EL Premium Electronic Lock
  • Rottner X-Key Keysafe EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S250 EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S64 EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Keysafe KeyBox-1
  • Rottner Keysystem 6
  • Rottner Keyfobs Quer Yellow
  • Rottner Keyfobs Quer Blue
  • Rottner Keysafe Keytronic 20
  • Rottner Key Keeper Cover Black
  • Rottner Keycabinet S64 Key Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S300 Key Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S200 Key Lock
  • Rottner Keybox TS20
  • Rottner Key Cabinet Key Point 10
  • Rottner Key Keeper XL Black
  • Rottner Key Safe Home Star Key 1
  • Rottner FireKey 20 EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S150 EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S50 EL Electronic Lock
  • Rottner Key Protect Black
  • Rottner Keysafe X-Key
  • Rottner Keysafe SmartBox-1
  • Rottner Key Fobs Set 8034STV
  • Rottner Key Keeper Black
  • Rottner Keycabinet S50 Key Lock
  • Rottner Keycabinet S250 Key Lock

Items 1 to 35 of 91 total

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Key Storage

Everyone knows that the key that you just need is always gone. Keys have a life of their own. They disappear and reappear in unexpected places.

Key search is annoying and disturbing. Without a door key you cannot get in the house, the key for the locking system of the office complex even leads to worse consequences.

Some would like to deposit a key when leaving the house in a safe place. In some cases, because ta friend or a relative might come to visit, or just for security reasons. After all, you could lose your key on the way.

Inside the house, the keys are best left hanging on a board, in worst case, they are just hanging around.

Big institutions sometimes have thousands of keys. Where should all be kept?

There are many similar questions.

But - there are answers too!

Solutions can be found at Rottner Security! Probably for just about every key problem!

The attractive thing is the variety of possible solutions! The right thing for every need. You can choose between 92 products tailored to individual problems.

Starting in moderate price ranges from …€ for a small handy key cassette with 30 hooks, which is sufficient for the home use or the small office all times, up to the multi-walled key vault of high-quality steel with fire protection….. €, ideally suited for facilities that keep thousands of keys.

Many attractive as well as extraordinary solutions can be found at Rottner Security!

Rottner has thought of almost everything:

For example, there is the Keykeeper from Rottner, who can be opened with the help of the mechanical combination and is even weatherproof. Rain or storm, the keys are safe and the person in question has access to the house!

Ideal for elderly or sick people who need to be cared for. The key is kept safe outside, defies rain and storm, is always found by the desired person, but is inaccessible to strangers! It is not safer and more practical. This Keykeeper is also available for outdoor wall mounting.

Convincing also is the key management system, which is particularly convenient for hotels, garages, property management companies or car dealerships outside the opening hours.

Just drop the key, it can only be picked up with the appropriate code and thus cannot get into the hands of unauthorized persons.

Two examples of many with which Rottner Security can convince with exclusive solutions.

Whether small or large, whether for ten or several thousand keys, whether as a key cassette, as a battery operated small safe, with mechanical combination or code, with electronic lock or with biometric lock, for wall mounting or as an emergency key box. Whatever is being sought for, at Rottner Security the selection is huge! And also the chance to find the right thing that will finally bring the key (s) to safety!

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