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Mailboxes are an accessory of the home and reflect the style of the owner, as well as being functional still, in the era of electronic mail and messaging.

The design of the Rottner mailboxes is ever changing, with new styles every year, but still keeping the old successful models like the Udine, Tarvis, Woerthersee or Hochhaus.

We mostly offer large capacity mailboxes, some with an integrated newspaper holder, and have recently added a range of parcel keepers, suitable to have small parcels delivered while out.

Our latest products are the Costa, Casa, Muro, Libro and Postale mailboxes.


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Protect your correspondence and the daily newspaper from wind and bad weather with the help of letterboxes and newspaper holders. Whether the purpose is a multi-occupancy building or a detached home, with us you are guaranteed to find the right solution. Our stock includes a wide range of models and offers solutions for all individual requirements.


Types of mailboxes

Choose from a wide range of materials and variants: here you will find mailboxes made of stainless steel, steel, aluminum and plastic (PVC). We also have a lot to offer in terms of design and colors: the color palette ranges from green, red, black, white to brown and silver. And of course, the stainless steel version is not to be forgotten.

In terms of design, the offer ranges from the simple models - such as the Lignano mailbox, up to the designer postbox Harrow.

But not only visually, the mailbox should convince, the size also plays an important role - whether you are looking for a narrow mailbox for the facade or a large fence letterbox - we offer here a large product assortment.


No matter the size, manufacturing material, design, or color you decide, your mail is always in good hands.

Our trained team will be pleased to advise and assist you in the selection and of course to answer your questions.

Give your correspondence a nice home and remember the postman, who will appreciate a beautiful postbox that is neat and visibly mounted.



Choose from the following additional equipment:

Newspaper holder (newspaper box, newspaper roll)

Stand for freestanding mailboxes


What is a mailbox?

Mailboxes have been around since the 19th century. The mailbox is a container in which correspondence is kept.

It is used to accept mail and newspapers.


What's the difference between a postbox and mailbox

The postbox is a public object. The sender throws in the mail, and thus transfers the shipment to a postal company which carries the correspondence to the consignee. Postboxes are usually found in busy locations. Depending on the size, up to 500 letters can be stored in one.

The mailbox is, so to speak, the recipient of the correspondence above. A mailbox can be positioned on the house facade, on the fence or as a free mailbox with stand. Indoor mailboxes are also available and can be found inside; this is usually the case for multi-occupancy houses.


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