Rottner Weaponholder


Rottner Weaponholder

The Rottner handgun holder is basically suitable for 5 handguns or handguns. By the perforation between the recesses for the weapons, the weapon holder width can be easily adapted to your container (weapon cabinet, safe, valuables locker etc.).


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Product Description

External dimensions: HxWxD 135x375x200 mm

0.005 kg

PE LD29 rigid foam


More information:

  • Foam handgun holder for ALL safes and weapon cabinets (also third-party manufacturers)
  • Works with any short weapon (pistol, revolver, etc.
  • Ordinary and clear storage
  •  No damages
  •   Permanent fixation by adhesive film on the floor
Additional Information
Additional Information
SKU T06008
EAN 9006072107761
Weight (kg) 0.1
Online Stock 1063
Manufacturer Rottner Tresor
Dimensions (HxWxD) 135x375x206
Color Black
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