Rottner Installation and Delivery

All Rottner safes can be professionally delivered and installed to comply with UK insurance standard.

If you need help getting a safe upstairs or would like it safe bolted securely in place please contact your Rottner dealer they will be able to arrange this for you via our nationwide installation service.

Or contact us directly on 01234 376767 and we will be happy to put you in touch with your local Rottner approved dealer.

Our partner for this service is Lichfield Safe Centre;

Lichfield Safe Centre & Installations specialists in the national and European transportation, installation of Rottner safes will insure your new Rottner safe is delivered safely and bolted down to UK insurance requirements.

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  • Rottner Security Cabinet Opal OPD 35 Premium

  • Rottner Security Cabinet Galaxy 60 IT EN2 Fire Key Lock


2 Item(s)

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