Product Help

Product Help

Our team at Rottner welcome your questions and will help answer any query you have, related to our products and their safety features. We would like to assist in making the best choice of purchase when it comes to safes, key cabinets, mailboxes or cash boxes. Do contact us with confidence!

More about Product Help

To help choose the product which will meet all the requirements for your home or business, here at Select a Safe ;we have listed the main aspects that will need to be considered.

Do you have questions about our products?

We would be glad to help. Call or e-mail us, or send us your contact details and we will get in touch with you.

Phone: 01234 376767


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  • Rottner Security Compartment LE 170 Block Key Lock

  • Rottner Security Cabinet Galaxy 60 IT EN2 Fire Key Lock

  • Rottner Key Safe ST 100 Premium Key Lock

  • Rottner Guardian Gun Safe DB Key Lock

  • Rottner Fireproof Document Safe FireChamp 100 Premium DB Key Lock

  • Rottner Business Safe Monaco 120 EL Electronic Lock

  • Rottner Furniture Safe Toscana 85 DB Silvergray Key Lock

  • Rottner Security Cabinet Samoa 160 Key Lock

  • Rottner Power Safe 1000 IT DB Key Lock

  • Rottner Security Cabinet Imperial 100 IT EN3 Fire Key Lock

  • Rottner Steel Cabinet Office 1 Premium Key Lock

  • Rottner Deposit Safe Cashmatic 2 Key Lock

  • Rottner Fire Safe Sydney 140 Electronic Lock


13 Item(s)

per page

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