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Accu Control has the function of a fire detector for battery-operated devices. it warns against overheating, starting at 45 ° Celsius and it makes its presence felt by a sharp acoustic signal. Once you hear this sound, you can respond by stopping the upload. Accu Control is easy to use: remove the plastic tape to close the circuit, remove the adhesive foil and attach it to the battery. This small device ensures great safety and can even save lives!

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SKU T06236
EAN 9006072209809
Weight (kg) 0.1
Online Stock 3247
Manufacturer Rottner Tresor
Dimensions in mm (HxWxD) 7x39x23
Volume 0.006279


  • Acoustic device for overheating prevention
  • The device that can "save lives"
  • Starting with 45 ° Celsius, an acoustic warning signal is emitted - a continuous whistling sound
  • Easy to attach to any battery using adhesive foil
  • Suitable for chargers, electric bikes, drones or any battery-powered devices
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