Apartment Mailboxes

apartment mailboxes

Special letterbox systems or apartment mailboxes, institutions and companies!.

The Rottner ELM apartment module mailbox can make the most of the limited space available, as its height and width, and the holes at the top, base, back and sides will allow dozens to be fixed together to form one block. Available in black or white, they are locked with a cylinder lock, 2 keys included. The stainless steel BKS mailbox is available in blocks of 2, 4 or 6, mounted on a back plate, and can be attached to a wall, or used with the stainless steel stand, as a free standing unit.


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  • Rottner Mailbox Imola Brown
  • Rottner Mailbox Imola White
  • Rottner Mailbox Imola Silver
  • Rottner Mailbox Como Silver
  • Rottner Letterbox Tarvis Green
  • Rottner Mailbox Como Brown
  • Rottner Mailbox Como White
  • Rottner Letterbox Tarvis White
  • Rottner Letterbox Tarvis Anthracite
  • Rottner Letterbox Tarvis Silver
  • Rottner Letterbox Teramo White
  • Rottner Imola Stainless Steel Mailbox
  • Rottner Letterbox Teramo Brown
  • Rottner Teramo Silver Letterbox
  • Rottner Stainless Steel Mailbox Como
  • Rottner White Hochhaus II Letterbox
  • Rottner Stainless Steel Mailbox Teramo
  • Rottner Mailbox Hochhaus II Anthracite
  • Rottner Mailbox Hochhaus II Silver
  • Rottner Mailbox Module System ELM MZ White
  • Rottner Mailbox Module System ELM MZ Black
  • Rottner Distel Galvanized Swiss Mailbox
  • Rottner Enzian Anthracite Swiss Mailbox
  • Rottner Stainless Steel Hochhaus II Letterbox
  • Apartment Mailbox Rottner Depot 4 Silver / Black
  • Rottner Backplate Incl 2 Letterboxes
  • Rottner Backplate Incl 4 Letterboxes
  • Rottner Backplate Incl 6 Letterboxes

28 Item(s)

per page

Apartment Mailboxes

If you live in an apartment building and you want to avoid receiving the neighbour correspondence, the apartment mailboxes are the right solution. Each resident has its own mailbox and it is up to the postman to divide the post correctly. It is important to ensure these little things in order to spare yourself of trouble. At Rottner Security you will find a suitable apartment module.

Apartment Mailboxes types

We offer various individual letterboxes as well as letterbox systems that can easily be linked to each other. Where should the apartment module be placed? On the facade? Inside or outside?

The ideal placement is inside of a building or under a shelter, away from the rain and excessive moisture.

If the apartment module is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place. 

The design that ticks all the boxes and meets all requirements is found here at Rottner Security. The available options are range from one to six apartment modules/mailboxes.

The simple elegance and the functional design fit perfectly together. The high-quality steel or stainless steel has been skillfully processed and the mechanism of operation of the doors allows easy operation.



 You can mount the apartment mailboxes one on top of the other or side by side, depending on your needs. 


Apartment mailboxes close with a cylinder lock. For each letterbox 2 keys are included in the delivery.

* All prices incl. VAT. and kerbside delivery cost
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