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The Tox Thermo 50 insulation dowel set is ideal for the installation of mailboxes; the dowels are easy to attach, heat-resistant and have a reinforced anchor neck. The dowels can be mounted without pre-drilling, in polystyrene plates, polyurethane, rigid foam boards, etc., so they do not burden the facade.

Pack contains 4 dowels including 4 screws. 

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  • 4 x insulation dowel set Tox Thermo 50 
  • 4 x SPAX screws 4.5 x 30 mm


  • - in the assembly, the instructions from the manufacturer note 
  • - simple and quick installation 
  • - The Insulation fixing can be screwed into the ground without pre-drilling, but Fibreboard must be having a pilot hole provided with a diameter of 8 mm 
  • - This water can not enter, must after Assembly of the annular gap between the edge of the dowel and the plaster must be sealed with sealing adhesive 
  • - No special tools are required for the assembly

More information:

  • - Quick installation, can be charged immediately, without pressure on the facade 
  • - The anchor neck is reinforced 
  • - Tox Thermo 50 insulation dowel set consists of 4 dowels 
  • - In addition, 4 screws are included in the delivery (4.5 x 30 mm)
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