About Rottner Security

Founded in Austria in 1971, Rottner has grown to be a name respected across Europe. Focussing on secure storage, our products range from cash boxes to gun safes, secure document cabinets to tamper-proof mailboxes. We offer over 3,000 products, including variations designed to meet particular regional requirements or regulations, and believe with have the answer to any secure storage problem.

Our offices are distributed, with our team working in half a dozen languages, but our motto remains the same: quality, responsiveness and commitment. We search out the best products in our field, and where we cannot find an acceptable level of quality, we design and manufacture our own unique lines. We are responsive to our customers' needs, both on a global and individual level, and we require all of our staff to be committed to providing excellent customer service – from the newest intern to the CEO.

We have regional headquarters in 5 European countries, and work with partners to bring our products to over 30 more. We have offices and depots in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and the UK. Each Rottner office operates primarily on a local level, yet each has a global focus – and all ship worldwide.

Your goods are ready and waiting

Our distributed network allows us to ship products faster and at lower cost. We're proud to say that each of our national distribution points has around 600 products in stock, ready for delivery. This means that if you need a fire safe by the weekend or a new cash box on Monday, we can pull it off the shelves and expedite it to you. Next day delivery is available for UK customers on our core product range.

Safe and secure – by design

Many products in the Rottner collection are designed, tested and manufactured by us. Our research and development teams have searched the world to find the right products, and where the product did not exist at an acceptable quality, we've designed and built it from scratch.

Tested and certified

Rottner products meet appropriate UK, EU and international standards for safety, security and effectiveness. Many of our products have been tested by independent third parties and carry an international quality certification, giving you a clear idea of the effectiveness of a fireproof safe or the security of a gun cabinet.

Raising industry standards

We're proud to meet or exceed national and international standards, and support auditing and quality control. These measures raise the bar across the industry. Many of our products act as insurance, which means that a customer only discovers whether the purchase was worthwhile when the worst has already happened. As manufacturers of high-quality products, we're keen to ensure that the market is well regulated and that all customers in the industry receive the goods they've paid for and the quality they need.

Loved by insurers

Protecting essential business documents, valuables or personal items isn't just good sense – it can also save you money on your insurance premiums. We regularly work with businesses to create a safe and secure storage plan for sensitive data, trade secrets and confidential client information.

Off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions

If you have a particular problem you're trying to solve, give us a call. At Rottner, we've been designing and manufacturing secure safes and cabinet systems for over 40 years. We have a comprehensive knowledge of our industry, and can provide cost-effective solutions to almost any secure storage problem.


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